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Largest Inventory of Pre-Owned Kubota Farm Equiptment   in WV

Kubota Farm Equipment

Kubota is one of the few companies in the world that provides comprehensive equipment for both “Dry-Field Farming” and “Rice Farming”. Kubota has supported and continues to support people’s daily lives by providing agricultural solutions in terms of products and services. Our history of agricultural machines is the history of the evolution of the agriculture industry in Japan, and has shown a strong commitment to the contribution of the industry’s development and improvement. Kubota has been expanding that spirit abroad, by helping to boost the agriculture industry to the next level in other countries. One of the characteristics of Kubota is our hands-on approach. We have been working closely with farmers, contractors, and gardeners to create and support what they need to manage their fields. Kubota, as an “agriculture company,” not an agricultural machine manufacturer, will continue to work closely with them to design the next stage of the industry.

Foresight into the Next Generation with ICT

Kubota introduced ICT (Information & Communication Technology) to agriculture. KSAS (Kubota Smart Agriculture System), our innovative new system using ICT, collects data from Kubota’s agricultural machinery and utilizes the data to support the optimization of rice cultivation with high yields and good quality. The combination of Kubota’s high performance machinery and IT technology has resulted in an innovative technology, making “lucrative agriculture management” a reality. Today, Japan faces a decline in birth rate and ageing of the population. As a result, the number of farmers is decreasing which is regarded as a very serious issue in the Japanese agriculture industry. If agriculture can become more lucrative and efficient with such a technology, we may be able to attract the younger generation. It will always be our challenge to build the foundation for the next generation of agriculture.

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